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Can you match these 1st lines of dialogue to the correct classic sitcom?

"You finished with this juice…?"

You have to make a good first impression. The following lines of dialogue must have done the job, because they all belong to beloved sitcoms.

Think about who would be saying such things. Picture the context of where these quotes might have been said.

See if you can match these first spoken lines to the correct TV comedies. (Theme songs do not count!)

  1. "Hi, Fonzie."
  2. "This… is Beverly Hills."
  3. "How 'bout a beer, chief?"
  4. "Eins, zwei, drei, vier…"
  5. "Anybody here know why these two should not be wed?"
  6. "You finished with this juice, Peter?"
  7. "Fore!"
  8. "This is an apartment located on fashionable Park Avenue in New York City. This is Oliver…"
  9. "Hey, Bilson, you got cab 2452!"
  10. "I taught a class today, the finest school in Dade County. Two girls had shaved heads."
  11. "Mrs. Hill, we've been over this before. As you said yourself, uh, you overeat because, uh, having a beautiful body, you feel, threatens you."
  12. "Do I see a split?"
Can you match these 1st lines of dialogue to the correct classic sitcom?

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