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Can you match the correct product to the 1970s advertising slogan?

You deserve a break today… so take a quiz!

You have to hand it to those ad agencies in the 1970s. Four decades later, the slogans, taglines and jingles from commercials are still stuck in our head.

Are they stuck in your head?

Below, we have gathered 15 memorable slogans from Seventies commercials and advertisements. You are a true child of the '70s if you can score in the double digits!
  1. These commercials warned, "Don't leave home without it."
  2. This soft drink branded itself "The uncola."
  3. This brand cheered, "You deserve a break today."
  4. This product declared itself "Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman."
  5. These commercials featured a man declaring, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing!"
  6. This cereal commercial said, "Hey Mikey! He likes it!"
  7. This company asked people to "Reach out and touch someone."
  8. This detergent promised to erase that "Ring around the collar."
  9. This product asked, "Who wears short shorts?"
  10. As Kim Basinger said in these TV spots, "Brewed with 1/3 real beer… but don't drink it!"
  11. Which company had commercials calling it an "ancient Chinese secret?"
  12. Commercials for this product featured naturalist and spokesman Euell Gibbons asking, "Ever eat a pine tree?"
  13. This product said it, "Lets you laugh at the weather."
  14. TV star Redd Foxx appeared in ads for this product, which declared, "If unique is what you seek."
  15. Finally, this brand said, "It's an unexpected pleasure."
Can you match the correct product to the 1970s advertising slogan?

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