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Can you match the cartoon to its fictional setting?

It takes a true Saturday morning scholar to pass this one.

Cartoon characters: The Everett Collection

Prehistoric cities. Miniature homes made inside mushrooms. Planets filled with talking cats. Cartoons took us to some fantastic places — but do you remember what they were called?

It takes a true Saturday Morning scholar to ace this quiz. There are favorites from the 1960s through the 1990s here. We're going to name a fictional setting. Can you match it to the correct cartoon?

  1. Who could you find living in the town of Bedrock?
  2. What cartoon characters dwelled in Jellystone Park?
  3. Which show called Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, home?
  4. Which show took place in the technological wonder that was Orbit City?
  5. This 1980s favorite took place in the land of Eternia.
  6. For years, the hometown of this character went unspecified — until a 1980 movie established the town as Sweethaven.
  7. Which hero or heroes lived on Thundera?
  8. This Hanna-Barbera toon took place underwater in the year 2035, in fantastic places likes Aqualaska.
  9. This cartoon has been around for decades, but for the last 30 years, its characters have lived in towns called Crystal Cove and Coolsville.
  10. Which Disney adventure took place in Saint Canard?
  11. This 1990s duo dwelled in the town of Highland, Texas.
  12. This colorful trio lived in the rather generic sounding Townsville.
  13. Finally, this detective called Metro City his home turf.
Can you match the cartoon to its fictional setting?

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