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Can you match the 1970s action shows to their characters?

Are you on a first-name basis with Charlie's Angels?

Mannix, Kojak, Baretta, Starsky, Ponch — many action heroes of 1970s television were known worldwide by one name alone. However, those were not their first names. 

But if you grew up watching these shows (or if you fell in love with the reruns) you probably know these characters on a first-name basis. So, let's put that to the test.

Below, you will find groups of characters. They were P.I.s, cops, rescuers, crime-fighters, superheroes and crusaders. Put your detective skills to work and match the characters to the TV show. Think before you click!
  1. Sabrina, Jill, Kelly & John
  2. Diana, Steve, Drusilla & Rover
  3. Steve, Jaime, Oscar & Rudy
  4. Peter, Julie & Lincoln
  5. Steve, Danny, Chin Ho & Kono
  6. David, Kenneth, Harold & Huggy Bear
  7. Johnny, Roy, Kelly & Dixie
  8. Joe, Peggy & Art
  9. Theo, Frank, Bobby & Demosthenes
  10. Frank, Jon, Joe & Barry
Can you match the 1970s action shows to their characters?

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