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Can you match Cheers characters to the first things they ever said on the show?

Everybody knows their names but do you know what they first said?

Like most classic sitcoms, Cheers featured a sprawling cast of charming characters, from the bar employees and stool occupiers to their lovers and exes. That Boston tavern made them all a family.

Let's see how well you know their names — and personalities. Try to match these first lines to the correct Cheers character!

  1. His first lines were, "How about an I.D.? Ah, a military I.D.! First Sergeant Walter Keller."
  2. Her first lines were, "Sumner, this is crazy. Sumner, now we have a plane to catch."
  3. Who said, "Okay, I'm late! My kid was throwing up all over the place! You don't buy that excuse, I'm quitting"?
  4. His awestruck first lines were: "This is amazing! Hundreds of bottles. Red and white wine glasses. High-grade naugahyde stool covers!"
  5. His first lines were: "Call that a football team? What's wrong? The Patriots did it again. This is going to be the worst draft yet."
  6. This character dryly said, "By the way, I noticed your drinking went beyond sociability. There's no such thing as a meaningless joke."
  7. He said, "No, no, not even close. Body Heat! Sweat city."
  8. This character said, "Hello, Sam. I'm REDACTED. Sorry I startled you. Diane told me that you're basically a good, open-minded person."
  9. Who said, "Not enough. Hey, Coach, what do you think of the Patriot's draft?"
  10. This character said, "Sorry to interrupt. I'm looking for Rebecca Howe. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am. Have I caught you at a bad time?"
  11. This romantic interest said, "Hi there. Could I have a glass of club soda, no ice, two slices of lime and a red straw please?"
Can you match Cheers characters to the first things they ever said on the show?

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