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Can you identify these TV shows by their Halloween costumes?

Can you unmask the correct answers?

Boo! It's that time of year again. Time for candy, cobwebs and pumpkin spice everything.

But our favorite part of Halloween is dressing up. Television characters love to slip into costumes, too.

Can you unmask these classic TV series? Try to match the image with the correct show. Ghoul luck!
  1. No clowning around! Which show featured these costumes?
  2. Recognize the room?
  3. This show had a monstrously good laugh.
  4. Who are the three kids under the sheets?
  5. It's a Halloween party once the limbo bar comes out.
  6. This '90s teen drama got dressed up.
  7. Which '70s sci-fi series featured this Halloween party?
  8. You shouldn't need a telescope to take a closer look.
  9. Try to place these trick-or-treaters.
  10. Where would you find this colorful scene?
  11. This quiz is about to get devilishly difficult.
  12. Putting the "Boo!" in "Peekaboo!"
  13. Don't lie if you miss this one. Your nose will grow.
  14. This superhero show had an episode set at a comic con.
  15. This show featured a young Shia LaBeouf as a mummy.
  16. Finally, this classic sitcom featured these two kids in its sixth episode, "Treat or Treat."
Can you identify these TV shows by their Halloween costumes?

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