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Can you identify these discontinued car brands by just their logos?

Some are long gone while others ended more recently.

Beginning in the 20th century, cars became an integral part of American life. Some automobile brands have stood the test of time while others started with a flash but burned out quickly.

Here are 12 brands — some owned by larger companies, others all on their own — that no longer exist. Can you name them all just by seeing their logos?

  1. What defunct car brand is this logo for?
  2. The brand with this logo ended in 2010.
  3. While not the most creative choice, this symbol fits well with the name of this long-gone car company.
  4. This intricate logo belongs to what defunct car brand?
  5. This discontinued brand used many different logos. Here is the one used in the 1960s and '70s.
  6. This discontinued company, shown with this 1960 emblem, was named after which Roman god?
  7. As referenced by the emblem, this defunct car brand shares a name with which Spanish conquistador?
  8. This brand was founded in the 1980s and lasted until the 2000s. Can you name it from this logo?
  9. What forgotten car company used this logo?
  10. While many were used, can you recognize this car brand from its 1960s era logo?
  11. The colors of this discontinued company's logo hinted at its name, which was...
  12. This defunct company was founded in Sweden.
Can you identify these discontinued car brands by just their logos?

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