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Can you identify these beloved characters before they were on TV?

Before television, they were in comics, books and magazines.

Television has always looked to other entertainment media for ideas. The Odd Couple was a play and movie before becoming a classic sitcom. The Lone Ranger, like so many cowboys, was born on the radio. The Flying Nun and Gidget (both Sally Field characters) first lived in the pages of books.

Other iconic TV characters started out in comic books, newspaper strips, short stories and film.

See if you can recognize these characters as they originally appeared.
  1. She made her debut in All Star Comics No. 8 in December 1941.
  2. He made his debut solving "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate" in May 1939.
  3. This radio cast started performing over the airwaves in 1952.
  4. This horse first appeared in Liberty Magazine in 1937.
  5. This holiday-special favorite first appeared in papers on October 2, 1950.
  6. He first turned up in the funny pages in March 1951.
  7. This scientist made his debut in May 1962.
  8. The characters from this TV show first appeared in a 1968 novel, seen here in the 1969 paperback edition.
  9. This crime solver first appeared in books in 1933. Here he is in a 1937 movie poster.
  10. These characters can trace their roots back to a cartoon in The New Yorker in 1938.
  11. This hero first turned up in a 1972 sci-fi novel.
  12. This hero dates all the way back to an issue of Amazing Stories from March 1929.
Can you identify these beloved characters before they were on TV?

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