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Can you identify the top TV shows of 1989 from one image?

Recognize these Top 20 hits from the opening credits alone?

Sitcoms ruled in 1989. Out of the Top 20 shows on television, a dozen of them were comedies. A couple of them (Chicken Soup, Grand) are pretty obscure these days, but we bet you know the rest of them. Elsewhere on the dial, lawyers and cops entertained us with their cases. 

Below, you will find images from the opening credits of 1989's most popular TV shows. They all pulled in more than 15 million viewers according to the Nielsen ratings and ranked in the Top 20. See if you can name them. Good luck!
  1. More than 20 million viewers a week tuned into this, the No. 2 show on TV in 1989.
  2. This stopwatch ticked in the opening of the No. 7 of 1989.
  3. This sitcom was tied for the most-watched TV show of 1989.
  4. The No. 4 show of 1989 was a spin-off.
  5. This trio appeared on the No. 20 show of 1989.
  6. This place took off in the opening credits of the No. 6 show of 1989.
  7. This cop drama was the No. 19 show on television in 1989.
  8. This image comes from the opening of the No. 8 show of 1989.
  9. The No. 9 show of 1989 was also a spin-off.
  10. Recognize these opening words from the No. 11 show of 1989?
  11. Finally, see if these opening words from the No. 17 show ring a bell.
Can you identify the top TV shows of 1989 from one image?

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