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Can you identify the sitcom from the opening shot of its first episode?

Here's how these classic series began. Name the show.

Who says you have to open with a bang? Some classics had far more humble beginnings. A pleasant suburban house, for example. Or perhaps a gentleman coming home. Or a dog trotting down a sidewalk. Heck, sometimes a sitcom can open with teenagers combing their hair.

We've gathered the opening shots from the first episodes of sixteen sweet classic sitcoms. See if you can recognize how these cherished series started at the very beginning. Good luck!
  1. This is the opening shot from which military sitcom?
  2. This shot opens which beloved sitcom?
  3. Don't run away just yet! We need you to identify this opening shot.
  4. Hop to it and pick the correct answer.
  5. Hopefully this image flicks a light on inside your head.
  6. If you need assistance, perhaps you can radio for help?
  7. Comb through these choices to find the correct answer.
  8. Try to cook up the right answer from this kitchen scene.
  9. See if you can sniff out the correct answer.
  10. Try not to space out.
  11. Park it for a minute and figure out the answer.
  12. See if you can nail this one from the mail alone.
  13. Try to knock this one out of the park from the TV mom.
  14. Hopefully you don't have to bend over backwards to find the right answer.
  15. You should always eat a good breakfast before taking a quiz.
  16. Pull up the right answer if you can.
  17. Finally, try to bring it all home with this home.
Can you identify the sitcom from the opening shot of its first episode?

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