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Can you identify the classic TV show by its closing credits?

Hopefully you did not get up for a snack after the final scenes.

Classic TV spared no expense. When a show ended, it did not simply throw some names up on the screen. No, classic TV shows had opening credits and closing credits. Some even offered up a different theme song for the closing. Other displayed their credits on beautiful paintings.

Below, you will see some images from memorable closing credits on television. See if you can match them to the correct show. Good luck!
  1. Recognize the cowboy in this Western?
  2. Where would you see this car cruising the city?
  3. You could find this "Lucy" logo at the end of which sitcom?
  4. Speaking of Lucy, her Desilu brand appeared with Bing Crosby's name on this show.
  5. Recognize the house?
  6. Hmm… who is this?
  7. Does this illustration draw any conclusions for you?
  8. Does the skyline help?
  9. Is he on the wrong side of the tracks?
  10. That's a lot of hats.
  11. Here is another Western.
  12. Are any sirens going off in your head after seeing this image?
Can you identify the classic TV show by its closing credits?

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