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Can you I.D. these celebrities from the 1985 Twilight Zone reboot?

Oscar winners and thrilling icons popped up on the reboot.

The 1980s reboot of The Twilight Zone arrived with its own chilling spin on Rod Serling's masterpiece series.

To tell this new spate of tales, the show pulled in some of the biggest stars of the 1980s and TV and movie icons of the past, as well as rising stars we'd get to know much better in the 1990s and beyond.

Think you can I.D. everybody who appeared in this special installment of The Twilight Zone? See if you can recognize all these celebrities below and connect them to their more famous other project. Good luck!
  1. In "Shatterday," this 1980s action star phones home only to have himself answer. What movie do you know him from?
  2. In "The World Next Door," he played a bored man who longed to be an inventor. He's better known as a regular on which hit Eighties show?
  3. In "Dealer's Choice," the guy on the left was one of four pals playing poker, but which 1990s movie is he best known for?
  4. In "Rendezvous in a Dark Place," she met the Grim Reaper, while in "Personal Demons," he played a writer with writer's block, but which classic horror movie did you see them both in?
  5. In "Need to Know," she's a resident of a town where insanity is rapidly spreading, but we know her best from which 1990s thriller?
  6. In "I of Newton," he played a math teacher willing to sell his soul to the devil to solve a certain equation, but he more typically vented his frustrations on which Seventies sitcom?
  7. In "A Saucer of Loneliness," she played a shy girl contacted by a flying saucer, which is likely a little less shocking than the fate she faced in which movie?
  8. In "What Are Friends For?" the kid on the left was one of several kids at a barbecue whose rejection leads the star to embrace an imaginary friend. Which sitcom did he later star in?
  9. In "Shelter Skelter," she was the daughter of a man who keeps his family in a fallout shelter, and in "What Are Friends For?," he was the kid who turned to an imaginary friend, but which sitcom did they star together in?
  10. In "I of Newton," he played the devil, but we met him as the bookish sort on which Seventies show?
  11. In "Dead Woman's Shoes," she gets possessed, but she won an Oscar for inhabiting the body of which historical figure?
  12. In "Dream Me a Life," he played a man in a retirement home with a terrible recurring nightmare, which is a far cry from the country living he enjoyed on which sitcom?
Can you I.D. these celebrities from the 1985 Twilight Zone reboot?

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