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Can you I.D. the top hits of 1969 from just a snippet of the chorus?

It takes more than "Everyday People" to beat this one!

Did you groove to the biggest hits of 1969, shaking us out of the Sixties and into the Seventies with some of pop's most memorable swoons? Most of the year's major songs were fresh hits from acts like Elvis Presley, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye, the Monkees and Dusty Springfield. Others were covers that took old classics to the top of the charts for the very first time.

All of them had memorable choruses.

Think you can I.D. the top songs of '69 from just a snippet of the chorus? Dial back your memories and see if you can rock the quiz below.
  1. “Big wheel keep on turning’”
  2. “You are my candy girl / And you’ve got me wanting you”
  3. “I’m just about to lose my mind”
  4. “Then peace will guide the planets / And love will steer the stars”
  5. “We can’t go on together”
  6. “Hold me like you’ll never let me go”
  7. "The only one who could ever reach me"
  8. “Was like any other until I kissed you”
  9. “Play the drum a little louder / Tell me I can live without her”
  10. “I’m high on believing / That you’re in love with me”
  11. “… right now / Over me”
  12. “Over and over”
  13. “Oh, yes we will, yes we will”
Can you I.D. the top hits of 1969 from just a snippet of the chorus?

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