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Can you I.D. celebrities who appeared on The Donna Reed Show?

Before they were stars, they shared scenes with Donna Reed.

The Donna Reed Show was the first family sitcom to put the spotlight on the mother, and with good reason. Donna Reed was an Oscar-winning superstar, and with poise, beauty and a great sense of comedic timing, and as such, she carried the show to smash success through eight seasons - even during episodes featuring some of the other best-known entertainers in the world.

But for fans of classic TV revisiting The Donna Reed Show now, it's packed with early appearances of a whole slew of now-famous TV stars in their own right. 

See how many young actors and early mega-movie stars you can recognize on the hit show. Good luck!
  1. Before he became a star of his own sitcom, this actor played a recurring role on The Donna Reed Show. Pick out his sitcom:
  2. This child star famously appeared on The Donna Reed Show in his character from which sitcom?
  3. On the far left next to Donna Reed, this actor can't contain his laughter at a good joke. Can you pick out his most famous character?
  4. She played a young teacher on The Donna Reed Show, but we all know her better as the mom on which classic sitcom?
  5. On the far right is an actor instantly recognizable from which 1970s sitcom?
  6. In the center you see a young star from which 1950s show?
  7. On the left is a comedic actor playing a stuffy waiter on The Donna Reed Show, but can you pick out a movie he's famous for below?
  8. A mishap at the salon results in these actresses swapping hair colors. Can you pick out the TV show the actress on the right is best known for?
  9. The hairdresser who turned Donna Reed into a blonde was this guy, best known from which TV show?
  10. A ventriloquist-turned-actor, this popular entertainer had his own show in the 1950s, but guest starred on The Donna Reed Show as an auctioneer:
  11. In a memorable Christmas episode, this film icon played Santa Claus. Do you recognize him?
Can you I.D. celebrities who appeared on The Donna Reed Show?

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