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Can you I.D. all these TV stars wearing sunglasses?

Some stars even wear their sunglasses at night.

TV stars of every era donned sunglasses on hit shows, flashing the trends of the time with each choice of eyewear.

Here, we've pulled 10 times we saw characters looking too cool for school. It's up to you to figure out who's hiding behind each pair of shades. Good luck!
  1. Here's a TV icon who's somehow more recognizable in shades:
  2. This child star got an ego boost and a new name when he donned these tinted lenses:
  3. Pick the famous face behind the shades in this fashion show episode:
  4. It was rare this TV character found himself poolside, so those are borrowed hot pink frames:
  5. The whole gang donned shades for this performance on which sitcom?
  6. Here's a colorful character whose sunglasses fail to mask his joy:
  7. Aviators became a trend thanks to the star of which show?
  8. These shades make which TV star known for funny faces look seriously cool?
  9. This smart-looking fellow's so cool, he wears his sunglasses at night:
  10. It's easy to see how this character became a ladies man with such eye-catching sunglasses:
Can you I.D. all these TV stars wearing sunglasses?

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