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Can you guess which TV show inspired these band names?

Can you trace Bon Iver, Fall Out Boy and Eve's Plum back to the correct shows?

Every band needs a band name (even The Band) and every band name has to come from somewhere.

For some musicians, that moment of inspiration comes when watching television.

The following 11 acts all took their names from a television show. See if you can pick the correct series. It really helps to read the clues. Good luck!
  1. Nineties alternative rock band Eve's Plum took its name from a young lead actress on this sitcom.
  2. Eve 6, another Nineties rock act, took its name from an episode about clones called "Eve." Which sci-fi series had that episode?
  3. Seven Mary Three was taken from 7-Mary-3, the identification number of cop named Jon on this popular series.
  4. Blessid Union of Souls took its name from a line in a episode called "House Arrest." A character said, "Margaret, I need our togetherness, without it I'm desolate. I miss our spiritual oneness, the blessed union of our souls." Name the show.
  5. The metal band The Number Twelve Looks Like You is a reference to an episode title from this eerie series.
  6. Country band BR-549 took its name from a phone number featured in a comedy sketch on this show.
  7. Fall Out Boy took its name from a superhero sidekick character featured on this long-running cartoon.
  8. Herman's Hermits got their name because people said singer Peter Noone looked like the character Sherman from this cartoon. Peter misheard it as "Herman."
  9. Minus the Bear is a reference to this '70s trucking show.
  10. Joan Wasser uses the moniker Joan as Police Woman in homage to this star of the series 'Police Woman.'
  11. Grammy-winning indie darling Justin Vernon got the name Bon Iver from the French phrase "bon hiver" ("good winter"), which was used as greeting on this show.
Can you guess which TV show inspired these band names?

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