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Can you guess which sitcom featured these goats?

Go ahead and see if you can get every goat.

Every show has guest stars, but some of the funniest sitcoms through time have also gifted us with goat stars.

On sitcoms from the 1950s through the 1990s, goats popped up to make trouble, from unfortunate meal choices to full-on identity crises.

Think you can match each and every goat below to the correct hilarious show? Good luck getting all these goats!
  1. This family sitcom might have featured the most famous goat episode of all time:
  2. On this sitcom, the star got abruptly awoken by a goat licking her face:
  3. It means something else to this wealthy family when dad decides to buy stock:
  4. Minds exploded on this sitcom when a goat devoured a bunch of dynamite:
  5. Meanwhile on this show, trouble starts when this goat eats $22,000:
  6. The goat causing a stir in this dining room is actually at the root of a feud on which Eighties sitcom?
  7. To knit a sweater, this sitcom's befuddled star bought in a Tibetan goat:
  8. This goat had an identity crisis and believed it was a duck on which show?
  9. Perhaps the sitcom that sparked the goat trend, this show was a surprise gift at a picnic:
  10. One of the stars of this sitcom just got turned into a goat in this scene:
Can you guess which sitcom featured these goats?

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