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Can you guess what these moms are selling in vintage ads?

Cereal or soft drinks? Coffee or Kodak?

Who needs a celebrity spokesman when you've got mom on your side?

Mothers featured heavily in many vintage ads, mostly because in many cases, that's who marketers quickly learned had the real buying power in the house.

Think you can figure out what all these moms are selling in vintage ads? If you need to phone a friend, may we suggest calling your mother? Good luck!
  1. What first aid item is mom pitching here?
  2. Moms brought drinks for the whole family, but what's her brand of choice?
  3. Good morning, mom's got what to wake you up?
  4. Here's another mom looking to feed her family breakfast. What's she recommend?
  5. This mom's sold her family on which item featured here?
  6. It's a beach day for this mom, who's selling what by the seashore?
  7. Hungry? This Eighties mom recommends this "wholesome snack":
  8. Which soft drink did this mom hook her whole family up with?
  9. This mom made her daughter so happy giving her which cereal just for kids?
  10. Last question. This mom's got her whole family singing thanks to which of her favorite products?
Can you guess what these moms are selling in vintage ads?

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