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Can you guess what other show the cast of Green Acres is on?

They were on sitcoms, sci-fi shows and Westerns before and after their days in Hooterville.

Green Acres used an ensemble cast of wonderfully wacky small-towners to utterly confuse and frustrate New York City lawyer Oliver Wendell Douglas. Even his Manhattan-loving wife, Lisa, seemed to fit in more in Hooterville than Oliver ever did.

The storekeeper, county agent, sleazy salesman and other Hooterville residents were all played by veteran character actors who had been in plenty of other programs before Green Acres and would go on to be in many more after it ended. Can you guess what other shows each of these Green Acres actors are on?

  1. What show is Eddie Albert on here?
  2. Can you tell what show Frank Cady is on?
  3. What show is Mary Grace Canfield on here?
  4. Here's Tom Lester as Eb but on what other show?
  5. Do you know what early Sixties drama Eva Gabor is on?
  6. Pat Buttram is stopping traffic on which show?
  7. What show is Sid Melton on here?
  8. Frank Patterson is ominously staring on which show?
  9. Which Western is Barbara Pepper on here?
  10. Alvy Moore is in an episode of which sitcom?
Can you guess what other show the cast of Green Acres is on?

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