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Can you guess what decade these vintage travel ads are from?

When did these ads for Pan Am, Eurailpass and Airstream come out?

Images: Air France / Airstream / United Airlines / Best Western

Travel has changed a lot over the decades. In the latter half of the 20th century, things that were prohibitively expensive for most people became more affordable.

Here are 20 vintage ads from that era of travel expansion. Try to guess whether each one is from the Sixties, the Seventies or the Eighties.

  1. When is this Airstream ad from?
  2. What decade was this ad touting British Columbia made?
  3. When is this Ireland tourism ad from?
  4. This Air France ad features Henry Fonda. When is it from?
  5. This ad about traveling Europe by train is from...
  6. When is this Hyatt Hotels ad from?
  7. When is this New Zealand ad from?
  8. When did this colorful Best Western ad come out?
  9. When is this Amtrak ad from?
  10. When is this minimal Herbert Matter ad for New York from?
  11. This advertises the ability to get close to Universal's famous blockbusters. What decade did it come out?
  12. This classic Winnebago ad is from which decade?
  13. With a View-Master, you can travel the world with leaving your house! When is this ad from?
  14. When is this travel ad from?
  15. What about this international travel ad?
  16. When is this Pan Am ad from?
  17. What decade is this Toronto tourism ad from?
  18. This ad touts scuba diving in the Bahamas. When is it from?
  19. This United Airlines ad shows the beauty of Hawaii. What decade was it created?
  20. What decade is this Union Pacific "Domeliner" ad from?
Can you guess what decade these vintage travel ads are from?

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