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Can you guess the TV shows that featured these guitars?

See if you can rock this one.

Classic TV rocks, right? This quiz proves it, banding together some of our favorite guitarists we ever saw on TV shows, from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Scroll through the scenes below and see if these scenes strike a chord. We think the biggest classic TV fans can hit every note and score 10/10.  Good luck!
  1. The star of this show rocked so hard, they put this scene in the opening credits:
  2. This teen had to choose between his family or going solo as a pop star on which show?
  3. The Mosquitoes rocked which classic 1960s show?
  4. This country bear jamboree occurred in the recognizable foyer of which TV show?
  5. We watched this jailhouse rock go down on which show?
  6. This TV Western star was a singer, too, and occasionally played songs on which show?
  7. That's Tennessee Ernie, who came for a visit, disturbing the sleep on which sitcom?
  8. Country singer T.J. Watson showed up as a spurned love and crooner on which 1970s show?
  9. The "Rock-a-billy Kid" showed up in search of a song that eerily revealed his fate on which classic show?
  10. Loudon Wainwright III made his TV debut, strumming his guitar in three episodes of this show:
Can you guess the TV shows that featured these guitars?

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