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Can you guess the TV show from an animal in the opening credits?

Can you get a purr-fect score?

The opening credits of a TV show have a job to do. They have to tell you things like who's in the show, who made the show, the name of the show, yadda yadda yadda. But sometimes these intros are just a good excuse to show some adorable animals.

We've herded some cats, dogs, horses and birds spotted in the opening credits of classic TV shows. See if you can match the image to the correct series. Good luck!
  1. This horses are going where everybody knows their name.
  2. It sure helps to have a trusty hound by your side.
  3. There were some truly sketchy steers. Or, you might call them "doggies."
  4. Recognize this horse?
  5. The cat had to stay alert.
  6. If you stare at these tchotchkes long enough, maybe you'll get a hint.
  7. These characters were often in the doghouse or under it.
  8. Here's a city horse hanging out by the park.
  9. You can spot a dog and a horse in this idyllic setting.
  10. He had a horse head on his holster.
  11. This little pooch had a change of setting.
  12. These ducks enjoyed living in a city with so many lakes.
  13. Where did this giant frog call home?
  14. This eerie Seventies series had a deer in its sights.
  15. This poor tuna ended up in a can. It belonged to a character who decided to move out of the house when she was 24.
Can you guess the TV show from an animal in the opening credits?

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