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Can you guess the sitcom mom's maiden name?

When in doubt, just shout, "Moooooom!"

On family sitcoms, the emphasis is always, naturally, on families. So on all your favorite shows, you frequently saw guest stars turn up as TV parents, spinster sisters, long-lost brothers, and other assorted plots that can help reveal the maiden name of TV's top moms.

We went through the family histories of our favorite TV matriarchs to go back to a time before they were moms, and discovered just who these leading ladies were in their former lives.

Here, you can scroll through our mom-o-dex and see how many maiden names you can guess correctly. Consider it a great way to get reintroduced to classic TV moms. Good luck!
  1. Lucy Ricardo is one of TV's biggest icons. Do you remember her maiden name?
  2. Briefly an adopted mom, Alice Kramden was the true head of the house on 'The Honeymooners.' Do you know her maiden name?
  3. On 'The Dick Van Dyke Show,' Mary Tyler Moore played series matron Laura Petrie. Can you remember her maiden name?
  4. We've always known her as Morticia Addams, but the mom from 'The Addams Family' had which maiden name?
  5. 'The Brady Bunch' matriarch Carol is best known by her second adopted surname, but can you think back to what her maiden name was?
  6. Shirley Partridge is a famous TV widow on 'The Partridge Family.' Do you know what her maiden name was?
  7. Louise Jefferson does a great job getting her family settled into their new life in Manhattan on 'The Jeffersons.' Can you remember her maiden name?
  8. On 'The Munsters,' Lily Munster had this pretty appropriate maiden name.
  9. Edith Bunker knew how to navigate her family around her cranky husband's moods. Do you know what her maiden name was?
  10. There's no mistaking: 'Mama's Family' head of house Thelma Harper is one of TV's most particular moms. What was her maiden name, though?
Can you guess the sitcom mom's maiden name?

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