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Can you guess the right first name that fits in these Sixties songs?

Ba Ba Ba Ba Barbara what?

So many hits in the Sixties named names when it came to singing about matters of the heart, but can you I.D. the sweethearts at the center of some of the decade's catchiest songs?

Try to plug the correct names into songs below, and be sure to read each question before leaping to your answers. Good luck!
  1. Neil Diamond's hit was called "SWEET ________________________"
  2. Wilson Pickett rode this hit up the charts: "MUSTANG ________________________"
  3. The Beatles gave us this tune: "LOVELY ________________________"
  4. Creedence Clearwater Revival put a lot of steam into: "PROUD ________________________"
  5. The Monkees sang this song with these lines: "She's the same little girl who used to hang around my door / But she sure looks different than the way she looked before."
  6. This hit for The Hollies cracked the top 10: " ________________________ ANNE"
  7. The Beach Boys stuttered when starting this song: "BARBARA ________________________"
  8. Here's a story that's sad but true from Dion DiMucci: "RUNAROUND ________________________"
  9. Four Tops were so smitten with this girl, they sang in the chorus: "I'll tell the world you belong to me / I'll tell the world, you're the soul of me"
  10. Lesley Gore knew how to sing a song about a girl in tears: "________________________'s Turn to Cry"
  11. "Pretty as a midsummer's morn'," Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons crooned about who? "________________________(Go Away)"
  12. Folks tuned in to hear Ray Peterson's teen tragedy hit all over the world: "TELL ________________________ I LOVE HER"
Can you guess the right first name that fits in these Sixties songs?

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