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Can you guess the names of these popular toys from 1968?

What was on wish lists half a century ago?

If you sat on Santa's knee in 1968, there's a good chance you asked for one of these toys.

We've gathered some of the hottest kid products — dolls, board games, cars and action figures — from that year's Sears catalog. Some of these things can still be found stocked on toy aisles. Others have faded in collectability.

Even if you weren't around back then, we bet you can take a good guess at the names. It was the late 1960s, after all. Good luck!
  1. These tiny Mattel cars were introduced in 1968.
  2. These cowboy figures came from which popular television Western?
  3. This action hero known as "America's Movable Fighting Man" went to space in 1968.
  4. Who could forget these boxing, battling robots?
  5. Kids could take a swing at these punchable inflatable bags.
  6. The players were hard to control, but it sure was fun.
  7. This "Seaview" model and plastic whale were tie-in toys for which TV show?
  8. This "Landrover" was a toy promoting which popular TV show? Note the lion wearing glasses.
  9. This astronaut action figure was a must-have in the space age.
  10. This was the first board game designed to be played in the dark. It glowed!
  11. Polly Poppy, Daffi Dill and Dizzy Daisy were all part of this super '60s toy line.
  12. The pocket-sized dolls lived in a groovy house.
  13. Mattel made these dolls with mod clothing and accessories.
Can you guess the names of these popular toys from 1968?

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