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Can you guess the names of the classic soft drink mascots?

Bears and birds and hillbillies, oh my!

It's time for a (soda) pop quiz! Whether you call it pop, soda, coke, seltzer or a soft drink, you probably grew up drinking bottles and cans of the stuff. That had a lot to do with the marketing, which aimed at kids with cute little cartoon mascots.

We've gathered some beloved and bygone product mascots from beverage past. See if you can put a correct name to these bears, birds, elves and hillbillies. Good luck!

  1. No, that is not Jed nor Jethro. When Mountain Dew premiered in the 1960s, it featured this character.
  2. Coca-Cola once featured this character in its advertising.
  3. Does the Kool-Aid Man have a name?
  4. Does this Icee bear have a name?
  5. 7 Up featured this circular little guy in the '90s.
  6. Long before that, 7 Up had this bird selling its soda.
  7. Oh, and 7 Up also featured this cartoon character in a series of ads.
  8. You recognize the Hawaiian Punch guy, but do you know his name?
  9. Hawaiian Punch also featured this fellow in its ads.
  10. A&W still uses this "Great Root Bear."
  11. Squirt
  12. Dr. Pepper once utilized this diaper-wearing baby cowboy.
Can you guess the names of the classic soft drink mascots?

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