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Can you guess the ingredients in these 1960s summer recipes?

Get ready for a whole lot of gelatin and mayo.

Ah, summertime. It's the season for lazing by the pool, watching mindless movies, and eating "salads" made from gelatin and mayonnaise. 

What, you don't do that? Because if this were the 1960s, you probably would. You would not have the choice. Your Aunt Cici would bring over her blue-ribbon walnut-lime Jell-O mold, or your neighbor Betty would insist you try her Orange Ham Surprise. Those were the kinds of things we ate at the time.

We snipped some vintage Sixties recipes from the pages of Ladies Home Journal. Then we took out one single ingredient. Guess what it is.
  1. Let's start with this simple Cranberry Gelatin Salad. What is the white stuff on top?
  2. This "Watermelon Bombe" is a nifty edible optical illusion. What are those "seeds"?
  3. What's the main ingredient in these "Bologna Boats" — besides bologna, of course.
  4. What are the red things atop this Potato Salad Pie?
  5. What are the fat white chunks in this "Tomato Royal" recipe?
  6. What makes "Frank 'N' Steins" so green?
  7. What is the one key ingredient that both "Breadload Barbecue" and "Flamenco Veal Chops" have in common?
  8. What are the red chunks in this "Luau Coleslaw"?
  9. What's the secret ingredient in "Fruit Patio Platter"?
  10. What liquid do you add to the gelatin, Camembert cheese, eggs and mustard in this "Dessert Mousse"?
  11. What is the other main ingredient in the "Sweet Ham Filling" of this "Flower Pot Sandwich"?
Can you guess the ingredients in these 1960s summer recipes?

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