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Can you guess the Hanna-Barbera characters from their wardrobe alone?

Clothes make the man. And the dog. And the bear.

Cartoon characters must do a lot of laundry. Either that or they have a closet full of the same outfit. Whatever the case, cartoons always wear the same look. That's what makes them so identifiable.

We went on an internet shopping binge and put together ten ensembles. Turns out, they just so happen to be the outfits worn by Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters. 

See if you can match the clothes to the correct character!
  1. Orange shift with black spots, blue necktie.
  2. Orange turtleneck, red pleated skirt, orange socks.
  3. White collar, green tie, green hat.
  4. Orange ascot, blue polo, blue pants, white sweater, tan loafers.
  5. White-trimmed robe, black mask.
  6. Red cowboy hat, red holster, blue bandana.
  7. White long-sleeve collared shirt, wide green belt, blue pants, white slip-ons.
  8. Red shorts, green suspenders, purple bow tie, purple bowler.
  9. Black long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, white shoes.
  10. Purple vest, purple hat.
Can you guess the Hanna-Barbera characters from their wardrobe alone?

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