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Can you guess the classic movie by one iconic look?

Second question: Did you ever try to recreate any of these looks?

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When it comes to memorable movies, what comes to mind might be the soundtrack or a particularly memorable line. Or maybe there was a really breathtaking shot that always stands out in your memory. But we're going to bet that some of these movies also have looks, like a hairstyle, a pair of shoes or even some impressive eyeliner that will make you recognize the film right away.

We took some of the most memorable styles in movies from the sixties through the nineties, and it's up to you to guess where you've seen it before. We didn't want to make it too easy though — it's just a small shot that you get to see. Good luck!

  1. Let's start off easy. Where have you seen this eyeliner?
  2. Which Tarantino classic featured these perfect bangs?
  3. Diana Ross rocked this look in what movie?
  4. What wacky Tim Burton adventure do you see these bangs in?
  5. Where have you seen this mod look before?
  6. Which movie did you see these killer wings in?
  7. What movie did you see this menswear-inspired look in?
  8. A beach babe wore these braids in what movie?
  9. Which movie featured this dress made by a, like, totally important designer?
  10. Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon. Where do you know this hat from?
  11. These shoes are a bit of an anachronism, but we think you can guess what movie they're from.
  12. Where did this pixie cut come from?
  13. Where have you seen this suit?
  14. You know you know these eyebrows. From what movie, though?
  15. How about these gloriously goth eye and nail looks?
  16. What documentary features this eccentric scarf?
  17. What's more '90s than this bob and brown lipstick combo? Where did you see this?
Can you guess the classic movie by one iconic look?

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