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Can you guess the band by the fruits and vegetables from their album art?

Tutti frutti, woo!

Fruits and vegetables made their way onto some iconic record covers from the 1950s through the 1980s. Here, we've pulled some of our favorite pop history produce to see if you can tell a band by the fruits and veggies used in their album art.

Scroll through the images below and see if you can match each banana, apple, potato, tomato, eggplant, radishes, berries and more to the correct band. Hope you can vitamin C your way through this one! Good luck!
  1. This might be the most famous banana in music history, but do you know which band used it on their debut album cover?
  2. When these famous rockers founded their own label, they used this apple logo:
  3. On this rocker's second album, he made the natural choice to cover it in these strawberries:
  4. For this band's fifth studio album, the band literally gave themselves a potato shape and wore "Spud Rings" around their necks:
  5. The "magical fruit" made for a memorable album cover for these rockers on their third album:
  6. You can't always get what you want, but these rockers did put cherries atop the unusual cake on their 1969 hit record:
  7. "Eat a Peach" is the name of this album from which 1970s rockers?
  8. The "Best Of" collection released right after this band broke up in 1969 was covered in veggies and looked more like a cover of a gardening book:
  9. A waitress holds a glass of O.J. high overhead in this famous record cover from this British band's bestselling album:
  10. A drummer smashes a tomato with his sticks on the cover of this band's last album featuring their original singer:
Can you guess the band by the fruits and vegetables from their album art?

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