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Can you guess how old these breakfast cereals are?

Wait, are Kix older than Trix or Trix older than Kix?

Pour a bowl. Splash in some milk. It's time to crunch our way through some cereal history.

It's a simple task. We'll show you a classic cereal. You pick the decade in which it debuted. Think fast — before your memories get soggy! Good luck!
  1. When did Donkey Kong cereal first hit the cereal aisle?
  2. When did Quisp first arrive on grocery shelves?
  3. When did Franken Berry (not to mention Count Chocula, Fruit Brute and Boo Berry) crawl out of the lab?
  4. When did C-3PO's first blast onto grocery shelves?
  5. When did Cap'n Crunch first set sail and go for sale in grocery stores?
  6. When did Cinnamon Toast Crust first pop up in stores?
  7. When did Lucky Charms first spring up on shelves?
  8. When did Honey Nut Cheerios create a buzz with its debut?
  9. When did the first batch of Cookie Crisp arrive in the cereal aisle?
  10. When did Alpha Bits first cast a spell on consumers?
  11. When did Cocoa Puffs first drive kids cuckoo when it premiered in stores?
  12. When did Trix first hop into grocery stores?
  13. Which did Kix first kick its way into grocery stores?
Can you guess how old these breakfast cereals are?

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