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Can you guess how many kids were in these classic TV families?

Ever wonder how many other family sitcoms were busy with three boys of their own?

In just about every classic TV family home, there's always room at the table for one more, and plenty of sitcoms proved it by adding extra kids along the way from the first episode to the last.

Think you can keep track of all the kids from your favorite TV shows?

This quiz is all or nothing. Only those who can make every family add up right will pass. Good luck!
  1. How many kids were in The Brady Bunch (not counting Cousin Oliver)?
  2. How many sons did June and Ward Cleaver have on Leave It to Beaver?
  3. How many sons did Steve Douglas raise on My Three Sons, including any adopted kids?
  4. How many kids did Shirley Partridge have on The Partridge Family?
  5. How many kids did Lucy and Ricky have on I Love Lucy?
  6. On The Patty Duke Show, how many kids did Martin and Natalie Lane have?
  7. On Diff'rent Strokes, how many kids did Philip Drummond have, including adopted ones?
  8. On The Danny Thomas Show (aka Make Room for Daddy), how many kids did Danny Williams have?
  9. How many kids were in the Tanner family on ALF?
  10. How many kids were in the Bradford family on Eight Is Enough?
  11. On Father Knows Best, how many kids were in the Anderson family?
  12. On Bonanza, Ben Cartwright had how many sons, including adopted ones?
Can you guess how many kids were in these classic TV families?

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