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Can you find the ONE thing that does NOT belong in 1985?

Don't you (forget about 1985).

With New Coke somehow making a comeback thanks to Netflix's nostalgic series Stranger Things, 1985 is experiencing a pop culture resurgence, but only those who actually lived it can remember the year's most popular offerings.

It was a time that ushered out The Jeffersons and introduced us to The Goonies, when Swatch watches set you back $30 and Lionel Richie dominated the charts. 

Here, we've assembled a retro pack of nine nostalgic things that come straight from 1985. The only catch is, one of them does NOT belong, introduced either well before or well after 1985.

Think you can totally pick out the choicest choice? Good luck!
  1. Pick the ONE thing below that does NOT belong in 1985:
Can you find the ONE thing that does NOT belong in 1985?

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