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Can you find the ONE 1960s TV show that never made it to No. 1?

Try to find the weakest link in the 1960s.

The Sixties is a cherished decade in television history for more than just the hilarity of variety shows and evolving sitcoms, but also the intense drama of Westerns and novel procedurals. Tastes changed as quickly as the schedule, responding to the introduction of new shows that delivered stiff competition for last year's favorites.

Here, we've mixed up shows that were on air and very popular in the 1960s to challenge you to find the one show that never made it to the top of Nielsen's ratings to stake the coveted claim of No. 1 show on TV in any year.

Keep in mind that some 1960s hits stretched beyond the decade it started and some 1960s Nielsen top spots went to shows that got their start in the 1950s. The only question you need to ask yourself as you scan these 1960s TV shows below is: Could this show have ever been the most popular show on TV? 

The answer is sadly no for only one show on this list. See if you can seek it out! Good luck!
  1. Find the ONE classic TV series from the 1960s that never made it to No. 1 in Nielsen ratings:
Can you find the ONE 1960s TV show that never made it to No. 1?

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