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Can you fill in the right names for these Twilight Zone episode titles?

Try to guess these mysterious monikers.

As far as episode titles go, The Twilight Zone has some of the best. Some are literal descriptions while others are more mysterious and abstract.

Here are 12 episode titles that each have a name in them. Can you guess which name goes in each title?

  1. This baseball episode uses the same player name as a famous poem.
  2. The toy designer in this episode shares a name with which car company?
  3. This episode features a ventriloquist dummy named after which Roman emperor?
  4. If it helps, this character's first name is "Al"
  5. This episode was written by Waltons creator Earl Hamner, Jr. who liked a good a hyphenated name.
  6. The name in this episode title refers to an advanced computer.
  7. In this episode, Burgess Meredith plays a man who gets super strength from aliens experimenting on him.
  8. This episode gets it's name from an old children's short story.
  9. Ron Howard's father shares a name with this episode's main character.
  10. This episode follows an eccentric man who meets his guardian angel.
  11. The character in this episode shares a name with a famous surrealist painter.
  12. This episode starred Carol Burnett and Jesse White as an angel who helps her named...
Can you fill in the right names for these Twilight Zone episode titles?

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