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Can you complete the song titles of these Seventies one-hit wonders?

"Play That BLANK Music" and have a "BLANK Delight."

They say it's easier to read books with a lot of pictures. Well, it's a bit harder to complete a quiz using lots of pictures.

Below, you will find 11 super popular songs from the 1970s. All of them are considered one-hit wonders. We removed a single word from the title. See if you can fill in the blank — by poking the correct picture!

Good luck and stay groovy!

  1. Carl Douglas sang "Kung Fu ________"
  2. TV star Vicki Lawrence sang about "The Night the Lights Went Out in ________"
  3. Wild Cherry demanded "Play That _______ Music"
  4. Pick the clock that best represents the romantic time in Starland Vocal Band's "_______ Delight"
  5. Ram Jam rocked with "_______ Betty"
  6. Brewer & Shipley scored a Top 10 hit in 1971 with "One ______ Over the Line"
  7. Pick the food that completes the Edison Lighthouse hit "Love Grows (Where My _______ Goes)"
  8. Pick a baseball hat for the city that completes the 1974 Paper Lace chart-topper "The Night _______ Died"
  9. Clint Holmes went to No. 2 with his smash "_______ in my Mind"
  10. David Loggins (second cousin of Kenny) recorded the 1974 hit "Please Come to _______"
  11. Finally, pick the body of water that completes Bobby Bloom's 1970 Top 10 hit "_______ Bay"
Can you complete the song titles of these Seventies one-hit wonders?

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