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Can you complete the names of these Halloween candies?

Try not to get tricked by these treats.

Trick or treat! Hope you have a sweet tooth. We have a bucket of classic Halloween candies. Unfortunately, they've all been unwrapped and we can't remember the names.

See if you can solve the riddle and complete the names of these candies.
  1. These fiery, cinnamon orbs were first introduced in 1954: _______ Fireballs.
  2. This chocolate-coated bar shares a name with a Carolina city: _______ Chew.
  3. These wax soda bottles were filled with colorful liquid: Nik-L-______?
  4. These were like Lemonheads, only grape flavored. In fact, they're now called Grapeheads: ________ the Grape.
  5. These chewy, nutty bites are rather divisive: ____-O-Honey?
  6. These peanut butter- and molasses-flavored chews date all the way back to 1914: ______ Jane.
  7. This candy bar tastes a bit like Butterfinger: Chick-O-_______?
  8. These taste like cinnamon, not spicy vegetables: _______ Tamales?
  9. This candy bar costs much less than the name implies: ______ Grand Bar?
  10. These chewy treats come with jokes on the wrapper: _______ Taffy?
  11. These chewy, sticky sticks were popular in the 1950s: Coconut Long ______?
  12. This Bonomo candy comes in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana flavors. It's slogan is "Smack It! Crack it!": Turkish _______?
Can you complete the names of these Halloween candies?

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