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Can you complete the lyrics to ''Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree''?

Prove you can rock around the Christmas tree with Brenda Lee.

Sixty years ago, Brenda Lee released "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," and it's been blaring during the holiday time in malls everywhere since.

Have you made this classic Christmas bop part of your family's tradition? Perhaps when decking your own halls?

Prove you can really rock around a Christmas tree by completing all the lyrics below. Good luck!
  1. Rockin' around the Christmas tree/ At the Christmas party _________________.
  2. Mistletoe hung where __________________ / Every couple tries to stop.
  3. Rockin' around the Christmas tree / Let the Christmas _____________ ring.
  4. Later we'll have some ___________________ / And we'll do some caroling.
  5. You will get a ____________________ feeling when you hear...
  6. Voices singing, let's be ______________ / Deck the halls with boughs of holly.
  7. Rockin' around the Christmas tree / Have a ______________________.
  8. Everyone dancing merrily, in the __________________________.
Can you complete the lyrics to ''Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree''?

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