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Can you catch the connection between these classic TV shows?

Find the common ground between your favorite TV shows.

Think you can catch the connection between TV shows, sometimes separated in time by decades? 

Of course you can! You're a massive TV fan!

So trust your intuition and scroll through the questions below. See if you can spot the overlap between classic TV shows. Good luck!
  1. On Gilligan's Island, Gilligan pretty much ALWAYS wore a hat. Pick out another TV character who usually wore a hat:
  2. Leave It to Beaver's star is perhaps the most recognizable boy from TV. Pick out another TV show with storylines focused on a young boy:
  3. Columbo is one of TV's most memorable detectives. Pick out another TV detective with a show named after him:
  4. On The Beverly Hillbillies, Duke was the dog. Pick out another TV show that featured a character named Duke, this time a human in the cast:
  5. When ALF crash-landed in the '80s, he became the most popular alien on TV. Pick another TV show that prominently featured an alien:
  6. On Lost in Space, the Robot became a fan favorite character of its own. Pick out another show that starred a robot:
  7. Kolchak: The Night Stalker was known for its terrifying monsters. Pick out another show where monsters appeared regularly:
  8. Get Smart was a hilarious parody of spy TV. Pick out another TV show that dealt with secret agents:
  9. On The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mary Richards rises to fill a producer role at a TV network. Pick out another show that's set in a TV studio:
  10. On M*A*S*H, Radar is pretty attached to his teddy bear. Pick another TV character who was known to sleep with his teddy bear:
Can you catch the connection between these classic TV shows?

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