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Are these hit songs about the moon or the sun?

Who loves the what?

From the 1950s through the 1980s and beyond, bands have turned to both the sun and the moon as the source of hit songs.

But can you keep them straight as night and day?

Do your best to fill in the blank of the hit songs below, choosing either the sun or the moon each time. Only those who truly rock & roll all night and perhaps party every day will be able to guess them all. Good luck!
  1. In 1969, The Beatles gave us this tune: Here Comes the [???]
  2. In 1964, Frank Sinatra had a hit with: Fly Me to the [???]
  3. In 1969, the 5th Dimension went to No. 1 with their song: Aquarius/ Let the [???]shine In
  4. Also in 1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival took their hit to No. 1: Bad [???] Rising
  5. On the same record Harry Nilsson laid down "Coconut" is this sweet number: The [???]beam Song
  6. In 1964, the Animals took a traditional folk song to No. 1: The House of the Rising [???]
  7. In 1983, Katrina & the Waves made a big splash on their debut thanks to the single: Walking on [???]shine
  8. After "Message in a Bottle," this was the Police's biggest hit off their 1979 album: Walking on the [???]
  9. Together with "Sweet Jane" and "Rock & Roll," this 1970 song for the Velvet Underground completes the band's hit trifecta off Loaded: Who Loves the [???]
  10. The title track off Nick Drake's last studio album was: Pink [???]
Are these hit songs about the moon or the sun?

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