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Are these funny premises of 1980s TV shows or movies?

Only an '80s noid could confuse Cocktail with Cheers, right?

The '80s was a crazy time, and unless you lived through it, it could be easy to confuse some of the comedic concepts used on the big screen with the stuff making viewers laugh at home on their TVs.

But not you, '80s fan. You can totally tell box office hits from Nielsen's top picks. So take a chill pill, because we know the biggest '80s fans can pass this quiz with no problem.
  1. A former MLB pitcher opens a bar and hilarity ensues. TV show or movie?
  2. A bartender leaves New York to take a job in Jamaica. TV show or movie?
  3. Young Navy pilots bond as they compete to be named best in class. TV show or movie?
  4. An Army hospital staff bonds helping patients recover during the Korean War. TV show or movie?
  5. A charming alien crash-lands into the heart (and garage) of an American family. TV show or movie?
  6. A loner is hired to fight crime with the help of his artificially intelligent car. TV show or movie?
  7. A boy buys a possessed car and it begins to take control of his mind. TV show or movie?
  8. A friendly alien needs help from a boy to escape Earth. TV show or movie?
  9. Kids at a boarding school navigate the ups and downs of adolescence. TV show or movie?
  10. Kids in detention find common ground beyond their high school stereotypes. TV show or movie?
Are these funny premises of 1980s TV shows or movies?

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