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Are these famous ad slogans or episodes of The Twilight Zone?

Figure out if you're in the real world or The Twilight Zone.

Advertising slogans often add enough mystique to intrigue customers into checking out the products they're designed to sling. Oddly enough, the same strategy was executed for titling many episodes of The Twilight Zone.

That's why we thought we might be able to trip you up by mixing up well-known advertising slogans with classic episodes of The Twilight Zone.

See if you can figure out which captions are from Rod Serling's show and which are from advertisements you heard or read before the 1990s. Good luck!
  1. "Time enough at last."
  2. "It's the real thing."
  3. "Share the fantasy."
  4. "It's a good life."
  5. "A world of difference."
  6. "The changing of the guard."
  7. "The best a man can get."
  8. "There is no finish line."
  9. "Imagination at work."
  10. "No time like the past."
Are these famous ad slogans or episodes of The Twilight Zone?

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