Only a Boomer can complete the names of these popular 1960s toys

Wait… what was the name of Barbie's little sister?

Who released these popular 1970s Christmas albums?

Who is that singing with Kermit?

Are you a picky eater when it comes to these vintage foods?

Do these classic ingredients make you hungry or queasy?

Can you name these 1970s Disney movies from the opening credits?

Take it back to the golden days of Dean Jones and Jodie Foster.

Can you spot the TV stars in these crowd shots?

It's like Where's Waldo, but with your favorite classic TV characters!

Can you guess which classic shows originally aired after these other hits?

After hanging with The Fonz, did you stick around for Mork or Laverne?

Pick: Which of these extinct restaurant chains would you bring back?

Will you reheat a burger joint or a steakhouse?

Pick: What words do you associate with TV shows?

We give you a word. You tell us what TV show comes to mind.

Can you recognize all these classic TV mothers-in-law?

Match these mothers-in-law to the correct character!

How popular are your Thanksgiving opinions?

Is it called "stuffing" or "dressing"?

Can we guess your favorite Thanksgiving dish based on these questions?

It's almost that time of year! Are you hungry yet?

Can you name the TV show by its baseball episode?

Hey, batter, batter, batter…

Did Mel Blanc voice this character?

From Merrie Melodies to Hanna-Barbera, did we hear Blanc in these cartoons?

Do you know who said these famous '60s catchphrases?

Jinkies! These catchphrases should sound familiar!
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