Only a Boomer can recognize all these shapes

What are these silhouettes!?

Which of these iconic characters made their debut first?

Some of your favorite TV characters are older than you think.No, we are not talking about the ...more

Sorry, Millennials, you had to live through the '80s to know what these mall stores sold

What could you buy at businesses like Chess King, Hot Sam and Casual Corner?

How well do you remember 'Job Switching' from 'I Love Lucy'?

Warning: You will probably crave chocolate afterward.

Can you guess the decade when these baby names were most popular?

Can you remember the most popular name in your school?

Can you name all these funky, groovy cars from the 1970s?

Let's see how well you know these AMCs, VWs and Chevys.

Can you guess the classic TV show from its lunch box artwork?

Try not to get stuck! Thermos of Tang not included.

You know their voices and their faces, but do you know their movies?

You know their voices and their faces, but do you know their movies?

What's your 'I Love Lucy' New Year's resolution?

Trust Lucy to be your life coach.

How well do you remember the Disney classic Mary Poppins?

Can you get a practically perfect score on this quiz?

Which classic animated Christmas special character are you?

Where do you fall on the holiday spectrum from the Grinch to Charlie Brown?

Tell us your opinions on these Christmas staples!

How does your holiday compare to other viewers'? Take this survey to see!

How well do you know hard candy?

This hard candy quiz is probably pretty easy for Boomers

Can you match these Christmas quotes with the movies they come from?

Now, what kind of Christmas were those folks hoping for...? You tell us!

Do you think these should be considered Christmas movies?

Who doesn't love a good "yippee-kai-yay" at the holidays?
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