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Catch All The Laughs


Who was in more episodes of The Waltons?

Do you know who was in every single episode?

Were these shows ever on TV the same time as The Waltons?

Could you watch The Waltons the same year as Bonanza, Adam-12 or Happy Days?

Can you guess how much these items at McDonalds cost in 1972?

Who remembers how much a Big Mac used to be?

Do you remember how all these Love Boat characters are related?

These mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and siblings all came aboard the Pacific Princess – whether ...more

Can you guess what decade these vintage Valentine’s Day ads are from?

Companies pitched the romance of chocolates, cars and…canned peas?

How well do you remember the Twilight Zone classic ''Nightmare at 20,000 Feet''?

Can you wing it through questions about this episode?

What delightfully dismal things are these Addams family members doing?

They enjoyed some wonderfully weird activities.

Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers can match all these Sixties nicknames to the right things

New threads, old hoopties, the horn and the tube. Do you know what all these things are?

Can you match these offices to the correct TV shows?

Do you recognize these classic TV workplaces?

Are these comedy duos or TV crimefighters?

Who cracked down and who cracked up?

Can you recognize these Fifties stars decades later on The Love Boat?

Do you know these actors, singers and comedians from Hollywood’s Golden Age?

Can you match these spooky mansions to the right movies?

Do you know these eerie estates, creepy castles and mysterious manors?

Guess these '70s sitcoms from just the groovy haircuts

Don't be a TEASE — LOCK in your answer.

All of these shows premiered in 1971 – but which ones made it past 1972?

Stars from years past came back in the Seventies with varying degrees of success.

Can you recognize all the celebrities in these backstage photos from The Ed Sullivan Show?

These candid shots show Ed with comedians, singers and movie icons.

Can you identify all these vintage school supplies?

Remember Pink Pearl, Ticonderoga, and Mr. Sketch?

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