Premiering Monday, March 27th

Catch All The Laughs


Pick: Which canceled show do you think deserved more than one season?

Kolchak or Florence? Betty White or Ben Stiller?

Can you guess the TV show just from the names of its power couple?

Prove it's true love between you and TV's best romances.

Which TV shows featured these black cats?

You're going to need good luck to pass this one.

Pick: Which discontinued soda deserves a comeback most?

See if your favorite bubbles up to the top.

Are these funny premises of 1980s TV shows or movies?

Only an '80s noid could confuse Cocktail with Cheers, right?

Can you name all these 1960s TV stars?

Put names to the most famous faces of '60s TV.

Can you match the correct product to the 1970s advertising slogan?

You deserve a break today… so take a quiz!

Which half of these comedic TV duos is taller?

Prove that you're a TV fan who's head and shoulders above the rest.

How well do you know retro slang?

Are you hip to this slang?

Which star of the show sang these TV theme songs?

Some stars sure are multitalented!

Can you detect TV theme songs disguised as songs about dogs?

You've got more than a dog's chance of beating this one.

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