Premiering Monday, March 27th

Catch All The Laughs


How well do you remember The Twilight Zone episode ''The Invaders''?

Do you know the iconic twist at the end of this story?

How well do you remember the very first episode of The Twilight Zone?

Can you isolate the answers from this premiere mystery?

How well do you know The Lucy Show's Christmas episode: ''Lucy the Choirmaster"?

How well do you know this episode where Lucy brought some Christmas cheer?

Are these titles of forgotten Christmas movies or Christmas songs?

Do you have what it takes to pass this quiz?

Can you match the hidden talent to the correct TV star?

They already know how to act and create some of the highest-rated TV shows, but they also know ...more

Can you complete the lyrics to ''Little Saint Nick'' by The Beach Boys?

How well do you know the story of the ''Little Saint Nick''?

Which band/artist had more appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show?

Who had more head-to-head appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show?

Do you remember the Billboard Top 10 songs of 1999?

The top songs of 1999 were a very diverse bunch, do you remember all of them?

Can you name all these classic TV puppets?

Try your hand at this quiz — no strings attached.

Can you pass this cassette vocab quiz?

Do you know what a bulk eraser is? What about playback?

How well do you know the Cheers episodes ''The Days of Wine and Neuroses'' and ''Wedding Bell Blues''?

In tribute to Kirstie Alley, enjoy this quiz on one of her fan-favorite episodes of Cheers.

Can you name these celebrities in The Love Boat Christmas episode?

Three Santas and a Wonder Dog walk into a boat…

Who said these funny lines on The Dick Van Dyke Show?

Can you match the character to the catchphrase or one-liner?

Which Christmas tree color is your go-to for the cheerful season?

Answer these questions and we'll tell you if you're a green or white tree person.

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