Premiering Monday, March 27th

Catch All The Laughs


Can you guess which 1980s movie these TV stars are in?

From silver screen to Oscar gold.

Can you match the TV stars to their longest-running shows?

Who had more years: Taylor or Matlock? Slaughter or Stubing?

How well do you remember when huge rock bands went disco?

Everyone got into the groove. Can you?

Can you guess the sitcom just from the star's visiting family?

Prove you remember everybody and their uncle on classic sitcoms!

Are these the first or last episodes of 1970s TV shows?

Only a true Seventies fan can separate the premiere from the finale!

Can you finish the lyrics to the biggest songs of the 1980s?

When it comes to hit songs from the 1980s, we'd be hard pressed to find one that we're unfamiliar ...more

Can you guess which TV theme song shared this view on the world?

Exactly who can turn the world on with her smile?

Are these TV characters named Frank?

Frankly, my dear, this is tougher than you think!

Pick: Which song would you listen to on the radio in 1979?

Imagine you're back in 1979. You've got the windows down on your Oldsmobile Cutlass and the radio ...more

How well do you remember 1980s game shows?

Press your luck and see if you win, lose or draw.

Can you match the classic cartoon characters to their catchphrases?

Will you say "Yabba dabba doo!" or "Doh!"?

Can you name all these No. 1 albums from 1974?

Time to go digging in the crates for some greats. More than 20 different albums went to No. 1 ...more

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