How well do you actually remember A Charlie Brown Christmas?

Can't anyone tell Charlie what Christmas is all about?

Can you guess which TV character we're quoting in these revised The Far Side captions?

See what happens when you swap The Far Side captions with TV quotes!

Can you match the bad guy to the classic arcade game?

Prove you deserve to punch your initials into the top score.

Can you guess the TV show just from its bed?

Don't get caught snoozing on this one!

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1978?

So many superheroes and super sitcoms!

Can you name the band that backed these 1960s musical acts?

Will you be "Dancing in the Street" over your score?

Can you find the ONE scene that does NOT belong in The Twilight Zone?

Don't get lost in the middle ground between light and shadow!

Do you know all the lyrics to The Chipmunks' Christmas song?

All right you chipmunks, ready to sing your song?

Can you complete the lyrics to ''Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree''?

Prove you can rock around the Christmas tree with Brenda Lee.

Can you guess the names of these popular toys from 1968?

What was on wish lists half a century ago?

Can you name the celebrities hosting these Christmas specials back in the day?

Try to name all these crooners, country singers and comedians!

Can you plug the right name into hit 1970s songs?

Say, Candy and Ronnie, have you seen them yet?

Yes/ No: Are these scary movies actually from the 1960s?

They're coming to get you... again!

Can you identify these beloved characters before they were on TV?

Before television, they were in comics, books and magazines.
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