Premiering Monday, March 27th

Catch All The Laughs


Are these eye-catching details from Seventies albums or movie posters?

Come with Me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination.

Can you guess the next words in these theme songs?

The Facts of Life are all about what?

Can you recognize these classic TV stars on old album covers?

Think you still know these television actors as models on a record sleeve?

Did these TV characters appear in the opening credits?

Point out all the ones who truly got the star treatment.

Can you find the pattern in these classic TV clues?

Prove you're a classic TV mastermind!

Can you guess the Disney movie from cute animals seen on the poster?

Kids got all twitterpated over these critters.

Can you match the correct TV characters to episodes named after them?

Two characters. One name. You decide who each episode's really about.

Can you fill in the blank to guess the mood of these happy or sad hit songs?

Sing it with Smokey: Take a good look at my face.

Are these the correct catchphrases?

Can you nip it in the bud?

Do you remember who recorded these '60s one-hit wonders?

Try not to "Wipe Out" and shed "96 Tears."

Can you match the most memorable Twilight Zone characters to the right episode?

Test your memory for characters Rod Serling made sure need no introduction.

Can you guess these '80s toys from the names of the action figures?

Maybe you played with them, maybe you had to clean them up.

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