Premiering Monday, March 27th

Catch All The Laughs


Can you guess the show from its shopkeeper?

Try to separate storekeeper Sam Drucker from butcher Sam Franklin.

Pick: Which movies would you go see in the theaters in 1979?

Pick a single classic movie to see each month.

Can you complete the top three credits of classic TV's biggest stars?

Role call! Prove you're one of television's most attentive stargazers.

Can you remember these celebrity chefs from classic TV?

Let's see if you have the recipe for success.

Can you properly spell the names of these classic cereals?

Hurry, before your memory gets soggy.

Can you guess the 1970s movie from the ''A'' on its poster?

Consider this our "A" list movies from the 1970s.

Can you find the ONE 1960s TV show that never made it to No. 1?

Try to find the weakest link in the 1960s.

Can you name all these Disney movie pets?

I.D. furry friends from Geppetto's tuxedo cat to Toy Story's bull terrier.

Can you I.D. the top hits of 1969 from just a snippet of the chorus?

It takes more than "Everyday People" to beat this one!

Can you fill in the blank with the correct iconic TV character name?

Who loves the nightlife? Who meets Clint Eastwood?

Was this TV show a top-rated hit in 1965, 1975 or 1985?

Sorting these series into the correct decade is harder than it seems.

Can you remember the lyrics to Survivor's ''The Eye of the Tiger''?

The No. 1 hit from 1982 still pumps us up.

Can you remember if this was a No. 1 hit song in 1959, 1969 or 1979?

Sort these pop smashes into the correct decade!

Can you guess the Hanna-Barbera characters from their wardrobe alone?

Clothes make the man. And the dog. And the bear.

Which TV family name fits in these episode titles?

Who changed apartments? Whose husband went to jail?

Can you name these No. 1 songs of the 1960s from just the first line of lyrics?

Does "Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner…" make you "Get Back"?

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